Agri-Science Cluster EOI

Agri-Science Cluster: next steps

We would like to thank all applicants to our now closed Call for Expressions of Interest for our Agri-Science Cluster proposal. We are currently reviewing the input and a call for full proposals will be opened in early November when the official call is issued by AAFC.

The purpose of this new cluster is to engage Canada’s agricultural operators, industry, universities, government and other R&D organizations to sustainably increase food and biomass production, in the context of a changing climate. Contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
For this call, is it a multi-stage process (e.g. there is the EOI stage and then researchers will be invited to submit a full proposal) or is the EOI, in fact, the full proposal stage?

Answer 1:
This EOI is the first stage of a two-stage process. The proposals from this EOI will help us gauge the breadth and scope of interest and determine the potential impact that we may have as a cluster.

Once the call for proposals is launched by AAFC, we will ask the proponents selected from this EOI to complete a full proposal according to AAFC’s instructions.

We may also, through mutual agreement, use the projects proposed in this EOI to develop proposals to other funding opportunities.

Question 2:
According to the call for expression of interest, the cluster is industry-led. Does this mean academic institutions should not submit projects or an EOI?

Answer 2:
The Agri-science cluster program favours multi-disciplinary teams working on industry-led activities. Although EOI activities may be put forth by non-industry applicants, the activities proposed must have at least one industrial champion, be a clear priority for industry and be co-funded by industry. The Agri-Science Cluster program requires that the cluster be industry-led and that industry provide 30% [updated] co-funding.

Question 3:
Can colleges/college faculty submit an EOI for the Ari-science Cluster? If colleges/college faculty are eligible to receive funds, is salary replacement an eligible expense for college faculty? Generally college faculty are 100% teaching and their release time in order to participate in research is an expense.

Answer 3:
If successful, the AAFC contribution to the Agri-science Cluster program does permit work to be performed at colleges. The program would pay for actual incremental costs of performing the work. In the case of college faculty teaching staff who would be released to perform R&D, the program will pay for the lower of the teaching staff time or the replacement staff time.